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u-nft & sharing economy

opens up a whole new level of


Trade, take profit, spend, repeat.

Easily take your trade profits out and spend, with our CryptoBox Debit Visa Card.


Withdraw, pay at POS, pay online.

Accepted worldwide.

*CryptoBox is the sister company of MDTx




Our Utility-NFT projects give everyone the opportunity to gain access to rights, rewards and privileges to real-world businesses in the MDTX ecosystem.

Empowering and equalising the playing field by providing real world solutions, made accessible through blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. This is MDTX.

Own intelligent, scalable homes with a low carbon footprint, with our i2g=mfc home system. Integrated into each home and powered by renewable energy.


green living

Co-Founder, CEO
Jonaz Sayson
Jonaz Sayson

A perfect combination of top notch engineering exposure in different industries and entrepreneurial acumen in an international setting, Jonaz has start-ups in the engineering, e-commerce, and real estate industries and is a very valuable asset to MDTx.

Co-Founder, CMO
Simon Tsering
Simon Tsering

Simon is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He has successfully managed a trading portfolio of $20 million in Forex Market for the last 11 years and has been trading crypto since 2014.

our founders




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