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Mike Gaskell

Mike Gaskell

Real Estate Advisor

Mike Gaskell is the founder and CEO of MG Property Lettings with office in Fleetwood United Kingdom.

Mike is a self made property investor and property developer who started at a young age of 24 way back year 2011. In less than a decade Mike has grown his property holdings both residential and commercial into a substantial size.

There is no stopping Mike, at a young age of 32 owning double digits residential and commercial units in the heart of Fleetwood & Blackpool, England. He is on track to reaching triple digit property holdings by the time he reach the age of 40.

Mike has also very extensive knowledge in electronics and electrical works and adheres to exacting standards for work safety and quality of the Oil and Gas Industry.

Mike is a very good asset to MDTx as his entrepreneurial experience in Real Estate will give us access to valuable advice on the industry especially in his local setting.

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