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MDTx U-NFT Compensation Plan

How much reward to stakeholders get with our U-NFT?

Scrub through the video on this page to visit specific chapters, or click on the chapter timestamps below to jump to the chapter on YouTube.

Presented By: Kristiania, 3D and Creative Design Head  

00:00 Introduction 

01:10 U-NFT ROI Compensation Plan 

04:14 U-NFT Leverage Compensation 

05:00 U-NFT Leverage Income Plan 

07:38 Gating Business Volume Requirement 

09:56 Total Withdrawable Amount (Migrated) 

10:44 Total Withdrawable Amount (Account after April 1st) 

11:18 U-NFT Full Passive Income Timeline 

12:19 MDTx Dashboard Walkthrough Introduction 

13:40 How to Purchase a U-NFT Token 

13:45 How to Fund Your System Wallet 

14:05 How to Purchase U-NFT 

15:10 How to Withdraw Earnings 

15:50 How to Check How Much You Can Withdraw 

16:35 Conclusion

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