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MDTx and CryptoBox Exchange Overview

MDTx and CryptoBox Exchange are crypto companies that were built to help you maximize your earnings using the U-NFT & Sharing Economy

MDTx Ecosystem

Take a look at what the MDTx Ecosystem entails so you know how you can maximize the earning opportunities available for you

Introduction to U-NFT

What are MDTx U-NFTs? Definitions and brief introduction to the projects.

MDTx U-NFT Compensation Plan

How much reward to stakeholders get with our U-NFT?

MDTx Dashboard Walkthrough

We walk you through the MDTx dashboard

Buy MDTx on Bitmart Walkthrough

Our MDTx is listed on a top-tier, centralised exchange Bitmart. This walkthrough shows you how to purchase MDTx!

CryptoBox Exchange Walkthrough

Our CryptoBox Exchange is a trading platform that gives you everything you need to trade in one place. Watch this walkthrough to learn how to use the exchange!

Create Metamask Wallet

Connect Metamask to BSCNet and Add MDTx Asset

Add Metamask Address to your MDTx Dashboard

Send MDTx from Metamask to Bitmart

Welcome to MDTx Onboarding

On this page, you will find all the information you need to get to know MDTx and its sister platform, CryptoBox Exchange.

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